Split Infinitive is a Lincolnshire based theatre company made up of Helen & Alexander Millington, dedicated to creating original pieces of performance, designed to be intimate and engaging, exploring the relationship between performer and spectator and the relationships we create through our lives.

Three Way

As we move forward into what we hope is a more inclusive and embracing world, the B of LGBTQ+ is still regularly left silent…

Over Time

Reminiscing to herself after her husband’s funeral, Vera sits alone in her house remembering…

Jump, Jump, Push

It always comes down to whose fault it is, it’s a blame game. In a relationship build around trust…

Split Techniques
Postdramatic & Contemporary
Verbatim & Documentary
Improvising & Devising
Naturalism & Non-naturalism

Text & Storytelling

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Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire